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by BrainDead

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Recorded as a Demo in fall 2004. Released in 2005; remastered edition released in October 2008.


released June 6, 2005

Chris: Guitars and Vocals
John: Drums and Background vocals
Yannig: Bass and Vocals

Recorded and Mixed by ourselves




BrainDead Hamburg, Germany

Braindead set out to play political Punk/Ska/Dub. Being true to the DIY fashion of Punk, they do most of the work like booking, printing shirts or creating artwork themselves, and have played every thinkable venue.
Braindeads politics cover topics such as Ecology, Anti-Sexism, Anti-Fascism, Veg(etari)anism, and express an overall Anti-Capitalist perspective.
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Track Name: Smoking Class
Why am I the one who always hides? They're never gonna get us
Why am I the one who always tries? They're never gonna get us

In times when you feel mean and tension's in your brain
You know a bit of green won't make you go insane
No pain inside my head, it feels quite good instead
I know I won't drop dead when we run out of weed.

Stuck to the pipe everyday, sitting in your room you waste your time away
Got nothing today and it's making you insane. Don't try to deny your addiction.
You spent just one more night searching for your self-doubt
It still can't get it right; lay back and enjoy the apathy.
Track Name: Media
I'm so sick of watching the same people, same bodies on the television
To me it seems like a fuckin disgrace we keep to worship malnutrition.

Fuck you, and fuck the media, too!

Kids having this sickness drummed into their heads
Looking for acknowledgment in dread of rejection.
If they won't fit the schemes they see in magazines,
they could be out of fashion, outsiders of the scene.

What is told us to be good looking is based on being underweight
Sick and hungry for the sake of beauty, its the superficiality I hate.

We keep watching the same thin models exploited as an argument to buy
while victims of anorexia get younger.
Just another disease we pass by.
Track Name: Are We Guilty?
Don't you feel mad when you look around at a world where our affluence
Is based on third world slavery? Do they care when they live their lives,
Without any thought, reflection or Honesty? You better turn your back on
the injustice and take the easy way out.

You're so fuckin blind! You better stay in line!
That’s all in your mind. You take the easy way out.

I feel hopeless when I think of all the people
That never feel guilty for the actions they cause
Can we bring change when we start to revolt?
Sometimes it seems like the only chance Is to come in to force.
Track Name: Ask A Question
I know this time
I’m trying to get things right
The way I’m feeling like
I should never
have asked a question

Who cares while
Watching the world go by
I just want to
Get rid of looking for direction

In the end you know there’s no other way
I gotta find, find a reason, a reason for my abstraction