Split CD w/ Civil War

by BrainDead

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This is a split CD with our good friends of Holland's Civil War, who split up since. Each Band had four tracks.


released June 6, 2006

Mixed by Braindead and John, Mastered by Braindead with Nino and John. All songs written by Braindead with John, who used to play the drums.




BrainDead Hamburg, Germany

Braindead set out to play political Punk/Ska/Dub. Being true to the DIY fashion of Punk, they do most of the work like booking, printing shirts or creating artwork themselves, and have played every thinkable venue.
Braindeads politics cover topics such as Ecology, Anti-Sexism, Anti-Fascism, Veg(etari)anism, and express an overall Anti-Capitalist perspective.
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Track Name: Ain't No Fuckin' Picnic
I don’t need no booker’s help,
I can do it by myself.
We’ll never cost 500 bucks
To subsidize some lazy Fuck.

It ain't no fucking picnic.

The band, part of the audience too,
I don’t wanna stand above you.
We’ll play our shows for gazoline.
Just give us schnaps and we’ll get on the scene.

Rock’n Roll it ain’t no picknick
Your attitudes they make me sick.
The aim is to communicate,
Drink lots of booze and get up late.

This music was supposed to be
A shelter from society,
Not a place for all of it
The money-making stardom shit.

This music was supposed to be
A shelter from society
Not a place for all of it
The money-making stardom shit

Rock’n Roll it ain’t no picknick
Your attitudes they make me sick
One thing you might never learn:
Respect is something that you earn!
Track Name: Follow The Herd
If we are the image of god, then what is his actual nature?
Greedy or selfish? Sexist or genocidal? Pedophile, homophobic or hypocritical?

I won't await your fuckin saviour.
Nothing you pretend can save you from the end.
I won't await your fuckin saviour.
No forgiveness, no remorse is what you'll get.

The face of your god is this of those
That claimed and claim to speak through his voice.
Making actions legal to their will, and you just follow the herd
Track Name: I Wanna Destruct
Not this time, you're not gonna get away with it.
It's too late, I've already made my decision.
You won't disturb my consciousness.
You won't keep me blind, not this time.

I want destruction.
You can't keep me away.
Track Name: Turn Off The TV
Turn off the TV for it numbs the fuckin mind
Empty corporate words catch you every day and night
Pretending to inform theys keep society blind,
Nice stories in your eyes and all problems out of sight.

You flee into a world of real life soaps.
Just when did you give up real lifes hopes?

Is there nothing interesting to do with your own life
or are you just to lazy to use your own brain?
Fake feelings and relations to keep your soul alive.
Once you are all braindead it may help to ease the pain.

Get up - it's just a fucking show
Get out and interact somehow.

Another trend presented to you by a plastic smiling host,
Wrapped up in a coat where appearance counts the most.
It's all bout entertainment in the programmes that you see,
so get yourself together and turn off the TV.